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We groom all size dogs, as well as cats.

Prices are approximate and vary by breed, coat condition, and behavior.

  • Small dogs, haircut ($60 +)

  • Medium dogs, haircut ($85 +)

  • Doodles ($120+)

  • Goldens, etc bathe ($80 +)

  • Labs, etc bathe ($50 +)

  • Cats ($60 +)



All are welcome for nail cutting ($15+), grinding for an additional ($5), and anal gland expression ($10)

 Please call to schedule an appointment

We use natural shampoos, and have oatmeal, medicated, and hypo-allergenic shampoo for pets with sensitive skin at no extra charge

Standard grooming includes:

  • Hydrosurge theraputic bath, to loosen dead skin and hair

  • Blow out to remove even more loosened hair and fluff coat

  • Full brush out

  • Haircut if desired

  • Toenail clipping

  • Ear cleaning

Looking for more?

Black pug dog isolated on a white backgr

Unfortunately we are not able to take on new customers at this time

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